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Can You Bring Kayaks On A Motorhome?

Embark on a splash-tastic journey by bringing your kayak to your motorhome! Explore lakes, rivers, and coastlines as you integrate aquatic excitement into your road trip. This guide unfolds a wave of possibilities, offering insights into kayak transportation, storage options, and the unique wonders that happen when your motorhome transforms into a gateway for both road and water escapades. So, secure your paddles, chart your course, and dive into a motorhome escapade where the open road meets the call of the water.


Which Type of Kayak Should I Bring on my Motorhome?

If you're like me, someone keen on water adventures but yet to experience kayaking, let me share what I've discovered. There are various types of kayaks tailored for different water activities, varying in size, body length, cockpit numbers, and materials.


Essentially, kayaks fall into two categories: Flatwater and Whitewater. Flatwater kayaks suit calm bodies like lakes, including sit-on-top, recreational, touring, inflatable, and pedaling kayaks. Whitewater kayaks, designed for rapids in rivers or wavy oceans, include playboats, river runners, creekboats, old school, and inflatable (Duckies). This list goes on, depending on who you talk to.


Choose the kayak that aligns with your adventure goals and preferences. Seek advice from a local kayak enthusiast when you're prepared to buy one. Whether you seek tranquility or crave adrenaline, there's a type of kayak waiting for your motorhome odyssey!

How do I Bring My Kayak on my Motorhome?

I've got a kayak! What's the next step? Do I simply cram it into my motorhome?

Before embarking on your kayak adventure with your motorhome, check that it can safely handle the size and weight of your kayak without surpassing safety limits. Take a closer look at the available storage spaces both inside and outside the motorhome to find the best fit for your kayak. With different types of kayaks, there are several ways to mount and transport them. Let's explore some methods to make carrying your kayak a breeze.


  1. Internal Storage: Some motorhomes with a full basement provide compartments for simply sliding in standard-size kayaks, ensuring secure and concealed transport.

  2. Roof Mounts: Securely transport kayaks on the motorhome’s roof using roof mounts. It usually has generous space, allowing you to load multiple kayaks simultaneously, making it an excellent option for families on the go. While efficient, be cautious of clearance limits under overpasses.

  3. Ladder Rack: A cost-efficient way to transport kayaks is to Invest in a ladder rack for the motorhome’s backend. Use straps and locks for safety, but mount them high-up to prevent unwanted access.

  4. Ceiling Hoist: Use a ceiling hoist inside the motorhome if space allows. This method is convenient for stowing kayaks at the campsite but requires solid mounting.

  5. Kayak Trailers: For avid kayakers, trailers offer an ideal solution, allowing easy transport of multiple kayaks with a travel trailer. However, this option is more suitable for experienced users due to its complexity and cost.


Consider hiring an expert to install mounts on your motorhome to ensure a professional and damage-free setup. Their expertise can prevent unnecessary harm to your vehicle and guarantee a secure and reliable transportation system for your kayaks. Planning ahead and choosing the right setup will make your motorhome and kayak partnership a seamless and safe experience.


What Else Should I Know?

When you take your kayak on a motorhome adventure, let's keep it legal and lively! Check road rules and campsite policies, and keep your kayak cozy with covers for a top-notch look. Set up a maintenance routine to give your kayak regular TLC, ensuring it cruises smoothly. Plan routes with kayaking spots in mind, and most importantly, soak in the fun and learning! These tips amp up your kayak experience, making your road trip a fantastic and smooth journey.


To Wrap It Up…

Taking your kayak on a motorhome adventure is an exciting mix of road and water experiences. This guide covers choosing the right kayak, safely transporting it using methods like internal storage or roof mounts, and complying with rules for a smooth journey.


Whether you prefer calm lakes or adventurous rapids, there's a kayak type for you. Get advice from locals and follow road and campsite rules. Regular maintenance, planning routes with kayaking spots, and ensuring legal compliance make your road trip memorable. So, grab your paddles, choose your kayak wisely, and enjoy a hassle-free motorhome journey where the open road meets the water's call.


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