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Can You Rent Out Your Motorhome On A Sharing Platform

Updated: May 30

Is your motorhome sitting too long in your garage? Are you on those days when you need to get back to the home and your motorhome hasn't been touched for a while? Are you in a place where you are not sure what to do with your beloved motorhome? It's okay. There is no shame in that. I've been there. Once, I've even thought about selling my beloved motorhome but I just can't bring myself to do it. Those days aren't the best for us motorhome owners. But what is good is that you can share the beauty of motorhome living with others through motorhome sharing platforms. Are the rumors true? Can you rent out your motorhome on a sharing platform?


The Pros and Cons: Can You Rent Out Your Motorhome On A Sharing Platform


Well, can you rent out your motorhome on a sharing platform? Yes! Add to that, when you put up your motorhome for rental on a sharing platform, you get to share the joy of living on the road with a fellow. But, it’s not just about sharing and doing good deeds; it can pad your wallet too! When you play your cards right, you might even earn more than what you’ve spent on your motorhome. While there are good things to it, there are also other considerations that need to be discussed. Let’s go there.


Pros of Renting Out Your Motorhome on A Sharing Platform


  1. Protection Against Abusive Renters. Sharing platforms serve as an intermediary shield against abusive renters. They thoroughly screen potential renters so you can be assured that when you entrust your motorhome to someone else's care, you're backed by a safety net, minimizing the risk of any unwanted wear and tear.

  2. Money. You can make money during the summer and the seasons of camping and RV. Here in the US, even the cold days are days for adventure for others. When you pick a sharing platform that aces their marketing, you can make money that can be able to pay some of your bills.

  3. Relationship with Renters. With sharing platforms, you are the one interacting with the customers. Who knows, you might be able to meet someone that you can connect with beyond the sharing platforms.


Cons of Renting Out Your Motorhome on A Sharing Platform

  1. Unwanted Wear and Tear. While the answer to the question “Can you rent out your motorhome on a sharing platform?” is a yes, sometimes, damage can’t be helped. Renting out your motorhome exposes it to potential wear and tear from different users. Despite screening processes, there's a risk that some renters may not treat your vehicle with the same care as you would.

  2. Scheduling Challenges. Last-minute cancellations, unforeseen delays, change of mind from renters. All these can create logistical nightmares and potential frustration. Unfortunately, these situations are inevitable when you put your motorhome up for rent.

  3. Dependence on Platform Policies. Your ability to manage the rental experience is often constrained by the policies of the sharing platform. This includes rules around pricing, communication, and dispute resolution, limiting your autonomy in certain aspects of the rental process.


Making The Rules: Can You Rent Out Your Motorhome On A Sharing Platform?

Renting out my motorhome on a sharing platform became a crash course in sales and customer service I hadn't anticipated. The key takeaway? I can make a rulebook, navigating the policies of the sharing platform while making sure that my motorhome is protected and respected. With plenty of sharing platforms across the state, step one is ensuring you're comfortable with their policies. Step two is crafting your own set of rules that align with how you want your vehicle treated. Meeting renters face-to-face should also be done, if possible. It's a chance to personally convey your expectations and ensure a respectful relationship between the two of you. Lastly, never forget to get your vehicle insurance: it’s a must for every motorhome rental. So, can you rent out your motorhome on a sharing platform? Yes, but you have to remember to craft a rulebook on how to use it.



When I think about the days when I contemplated what to do with my motorhome, I appreciate how the motorhome sharing platforms really helped me. The answer to the question, "Can you rent out your motorhome on a sharing platform?" is not just a yes; it's an invitation to a unique experience. With the joy of shared experiences and the occasional extra cash, I have no regrets about renting out my motorhome. So, to the motorhome owner contemplating this leap, go ahead and give it a try. But you have to do your research first to protect yourself and your beloved motorhome.


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