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How Do You Choose The Right Motorhome Awning

Updated: May 30

For me, motorhomes aren't just vehicles; they're our homes. A part of living a life on a motorhome is relishing nature, and a crucial companion on this journey is the perfect awning. Through the bright sunny days and dark nights, an awning is more than the shade it provides. It is about creating an outdoor experience that’s enjoyable and safe. So, how do you choose the right motorhome awning?


Understanding Your Needs


Spending time outdoors on your motorhome adventures means dealing with unpredictable weather. Yet, what’s constant is the joy of being parked and outdoors. When spending time outdoors, awnings become essential for safety and privacy, acting as an extension of your motorhome. Avoid overspending or investing in a sizable structure that detracts from your experience, especially if you’re not a constant traveler. To pinpoint the ideal awning, start by understanding your needs. Are you a full-time traveler or an occasional explorer? Aligning the awning with your lifestyle enhances your outdoor experience without breaking the bank. Now, how do you choose the right motorhome awning and what are they for?


What are Awnings For: Purposes and Functions

  1. Extended Living Space: By creating a covered outdoor area, awnings effectively expand the usable living space of motorhomes. It makes your motorhome inviting. Plus, it can be used for various activities.

  2. Protection of Outdoor Furniture: If you want to set up outdoor furniture, awnings shield outdoor furniture and equipment from the elements. This prevents damage caused by prolonged exposure to sun, rain, or snow.

  3. Reduced Energy Consumption: Staying outside can reduce energy consumption. Plus, by blocking sunlight from entering the motorhome, awnings can help reduce the need for air conditioning.


How Do You Choose The Right Motorhome Awning: Features to Look For


Selecting the perfect motorhome awning is about aligning your needs with your lifestyle. How do you choose the right motorhome awning? Let's explore.


  1. Size Matters. Does size matter? Absolutely, especially when it comes to awnings. Consider the size of your party, family, and motorhome. Assess your outdoor shade needs. When choosing an awning, ensure it's the right fit for everyone on your trip and the activity that you usually do. A well-sized awning sets the stage for lively parties or enjoying a quiet afternoon.

  2. Materials for Weather Protection. Select materials tailored to your typical trips. Personally, I advocate for awning materials suitable for all weather conditions. The options include acrylic, vinyl, metal, or canvas. Opt for canvas on sunny days—it's lightweight and breathable. However, for cold and rainy seasons, consider sturdier alternatives to ensure protection.

  3. Storage. For us motorhome owners, we know that minimalism is a must. The less space your awning occupies when it comes to storage, the better it is. When purchasing one, factor in storage — imagine where it will be stored and the impact on your motorhome's space.

  4. Budget. While we want the budget to be our least concern, it remains a crucial consideration. Explore prices from various brands to find the best value. Personally, I prioritize quality over quantity. When acquiring my awning, I did my research, saved, and invested in a lasting choice. A thoughtful purchase ensures long-term use, especially when it comes to awnings.


How Do You Choose The Right Motorhome Awning and Accessories

When you start shopping for awning, you will know that it can go beyond the basics. How do you choose the right motorhome awning? It's about crafting your personalized outdoor home. Explore accessories to complement your setup. Accessories can include the following:


  1. Pegs. Consider where you are going to set up your awning. Are you going to the beach, mountains, or snowy regions? Some awnings are like tents that need pegs to be set up. Explore which pegs you should get before buying one.

  2.  Drip Stops and Rain Gutters. If you are a fan of high humidity places, you should get drip stops or rain gutters for your awning. This ensures that you don’t get too wet when the waters go down.

  3. Air shields. If you always find yourself in windy places, air shields are a must. This keeps your setup from being bothered by strong winds. No need to think about your camping materials being blown away.

  4. Carpet. If you want to up the sophistication of your setup, consider getting a carpet! It completes the vibe of a home on wheels.


Final Thoughts

For me, a motorhome is more than a vehicle; it's home. Amidst sunny days and starlit nights, awnings give you the chance to explore the outdoors without worrying about the weather. Choosing the right one is important for safety and enjoyment. How do you choose the right motorhome awning? In getting an awning, understanding your needs is the first step to take. Then, consider the materials and the accessories that you need to get. After all, a perfect awning completes the narrative of home on wheels.



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