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How Do You Choose The Right Motorhome Water Heater

When you're rolling down the road in your motorhome, hot water feels like hitting the jackpot! Imagine a steady stream of warmth for showers, cooking, cleaning, and laundry. If you're considering getting one, we've got you covered — we'll delve into crucial factors like fuel type, capacity, energy efficiency, and other key factors. While a water heater isn't a must-have, it seriously amps up the comfort for extended travel and life on the road. Let's ensure your motorhome becomes the cozy oasis you absolutely deserve!


Choosing the Right Motorhome Water Heater - Fuel Source

Motorhome water heaters typically use propane, electricity, or a mix of both. Here's a quick breakdown:


  1. Propane: a common and efficient fuel source. Many motorhomes have propane systems, making it a popular choice. Quickly heats water and is great for off-grid camping.


  1. Electricity: Found in some motorhomes, connected to the electrical system. They may require a shore power connection or generator to function. Slower to heat water compared to propane but handy with electricity.


  1. Dual-Fuel (Propane/Electric): Flexible, lets you use propane or electricity. Some models allow both for faster heating.


  1. Engine Heat (Motorhome-Specific): In larger motorhomes, engine heat warms water while driving. This is a more specialized setup.


When choosing a water heater for your motorhome, consider fuel availability based on your travel preferences and the locations you plan to visit. Refer to your RV manual or consult the manufacturer for fuel compatibility.


Choosing the Right Motorhome Water Heater - Tank or Tankless

Motorhome water heaters come in different types, each with its own advantages and considerations. The two primary types are tankless (on-demand) water heaters and tanked (storage) water heaters. Here's an overview of each:


  1. Tankless (On-Demand) Water Heaters: Heat water on demand as it flows through the unit. They do not store hot water; instead, they heat it instantaneously when needed.



●      Energy efficiency: Generally more energy-efficient, as they avoid standby heat loss associated with tanked heaters.

●      Continuous hot water: Provide a continuous supply of hot water as long as there is a fuel source (propane or electricity) and water flow.

●      Space-saving: Typically more compact and take up less space compared to tanked water heaters.


  1. Tanked (Storage) Water Heaters: Store and continuously heat a specific amount of water, keeping it hot and ready for use.



  • Simplicity: straightforward and easy to operate. They are well-suited for RVers who prefer a more traditional setup.

  • Lower initial cost: often more affordable upfront compared to tankless models.

  • Quick hot water delivery: Hot water is readily available from the stored supply, providing faster access compared to waiting for tankless systems to heat up.


Choosing the Right Motorhome Water Heater - Energy Efficiency

Prioritizing energy efficiency in your motorhome water heater ensures a sustainable and cost-effective solution, benefiting both your budget and the environment during your motorhome adventures. Here are some tips in choosing energy-efficient water heater:

  1. Energy Star Ratings: Look for the Energy Star label, indicating adherence to strict energy efficiency guidelines. These water heaters operate optimally, reducing energy costs.


  1. Thermal Efficiency Ratings: Higher thermal efficiency percentages indicate less energy wasted during heating, making the water heater more efficient.


  1. Insulation Quality: Consider the insulation quality; well-insulated tanks retain heat, conserving energy and ensuring a consistent hot water supply.


  1. Usage Patterns: Tailor your choice to usage patterns. On-demand tankless heaters can be more efficient, providing hot water only when needed, unlike tanked heaters that keep water hot continuously.


Other Things to Consider

Adding to the previous points, there are a few more things to think about when choosing your motorhome water heater:


  • Capacity: Consider your motorhome size and the number of people needing hot water. Bigger rigs or those with a crowd might need a larger capacity. Given limited space, aim for a compact and lightweight model to keep things easy.


  • Other Features: Take a look at the extras. Check if you can tweak the temperature and ensure that pipes and the tank won't freeze, especially if you're venturing into colder climates.


  • Cost: Money is always a factor. Compare prices, balance features with your budget, and peek at customer reviews for the real scoop on how different models hold up. Keep it easy-breezy with your water heating choice!



In conclusion, choosing the right motorhome water heater is like tailoring comfort to your travel style. Hot water turns your motorhome into a cozy haven, and we've covered the essentials to make the best choice. From fuel sources like propane and electricity to the tank type, whether tankless or storage, we've got you sorted. Prioritizing energy efficiency adds a green touch to your road adventures, saving both money and the environment. Don't forget about capacity, nifty features, and keeping an eye on costs. Let your motorhome be the comfy oasis it deserves to be – because every road trip should feel like a jackpot!



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