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How Do You Choose The Right Size Motorhome For Your Family

Hitting the road in a motorhome, making precious family memories, and exploring new spots with all the comforts of home is downright awesome. But let's get real - finding the perfect family RV can be a bit of a head-scratcher. You might think a massive RV is the way to go, but not always. Too cramped, and you're looking at family stress central. Choosing the right motorhome size is key to keeping your dream from turning into a nightmare. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your needs.


Choosing the Right Size Motorhome For Your Family: Family Size

Picking the right size motorhome for your family is about making sure everyone's comfy and it suits your travel needs. One of the most important factors to consider is family size.


Think about how many people you'll be traveling with. Check if there's enough sleeping space for everyone, like bunk beds, fold-out sofas, or overhead sleeping nooks. Big families often go for a bigger motorhome for more separate and private bedrooms.


You might also want to factor in the height of your family members. If you’re on the taller side, you might want to consider bigger motorhomes.


Making sure that everyone, including your pets, has their own space will make the motorhome experience more enjoyable. Your travel style and family size are key, so choose a size that fits your vibe.


Choosing the Right Size Motorhome For Your Family: Lifestyle

When you're picking out the size of your motorhome, think about your family’s lifestyle and how you like to travel. Are you living the RV life full-time, or is it just for the occasional adventure?


Full-time motorhome life is all about getting the basic necessities down – a kitchen with a fridge, a bathroom, and bonus points for a full-on laundry setup. Now, the size of your RV is the real MVP here. Longer ones give you more room to roam, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. If you plan to cook meals on the road, make sure the kitchen is adequately equipped. Similarly, ensure the bathroom facilities meet your family's needs.


If the idea of going full-time with your RV is on your mind, consider going for a larger motorhome, around 25 feet or more, decked out with a fancy kitchen and bathroom. On the flip side, if you're just planning to use it every now and then, a smaller, more compact motorhome might fit the bill.


Choosing the Right Size Motorhome For Your Family: Travel Style and Activities

Let's talk about tailoring your motorhome to your lifestyle. Are you the adventurous type, into hiking and biking? Or do you prefer downtime indoors with a good book or movie?


If you're an outdoor enthusiast who sees the RV as mainly a spot to eat and sleep,  while providing handy storage for your outdoor gear, a smaller model might be your ideal fit.


On the flip side, if you anticipate more indoor time, especially for work or relaxation, a larger motorhome with added living space could be the way to go.


Other Factors to Consider in Choosing the Ideal Motorhome Size for Your Family

Aside from family size, lifestyle, and travel style, here are other things to consider when choosing the ideal motorhome size for your family:


  1. Floor Plans: Look for motorhomes with roomy living spaces or versatile layouts, especially if you've got a family. Check different layouts to find one that makes the most of your space.


  1. Storage: Make sure there's enough space for all your stuff – luggage, camping gear, the works. It's a must for longer trips and keeping things neat.


  1. Driving Comfort: If handling a big RV feels a bit much, go for a smaller size. Comfort behind the wheel is key.


  1. Parking and Access: Check campground sizes – some might not fit larger rigs. Also, consider towing capacity if you plan to bring extra wheels.


  1. Budget: Set a budget covering everything – from buying to running costs. Keep in mind, bigger RVs often mean bigger expenses.



Going on a motorhome escapade with your family to create lasting memories, while enjoying the comforts of home is a thrilling adventure. However, choosing the perfect RV size can be tricky. Family size is crucial – consider sleeping arrangements like bunk beds for larger families. Tailor your choice to your lifestyle, whether full-time or occasional use. For outdoor enthusiasts, a smaller model with functional storage may suffice, while indoor aficionados might lean towards a larger, more equipped RV. Additional considerations include floor plans, storage capacity, driving comfort, parking access, towing capabilities, and budget. Finding the right size ensures your motorhome journey is a dream, not a nightmare. Happy shopping!



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