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Can You Install A Washer And Dryer In A Motorhome?

Doing laundry is nobody's favorite task at home, and it can feel even less appealing in a motorhome. Dodging socks on the floor and dealing with a growing pile of dirty clothes shouldn't steal the spotlight from your thrilling motorhome adventure. Picture running low on clean clothes mid-trip or worse, dealing with a less-than-fresh motorhome. Ever thought about having a washer and dryer in your motorhome? But hold your laundry baskets, can you really squeeze these dynamic duo into your cozy home on wheels? Let's figure out how to make laundry easier on the road!

Typical Laundry Concerns in a Motorhome

Laundry on the road in a motorhome has its quirks, but with a bit of know-how, you can turn these challenges into a breeze. First off, Motorhomes often have limited space for laundry appliances or even for drying clothes. Weight limitations are real – adding a washer and dryer plus wet clothes can tip the scales.


Now, let's talk about resources. motorhomes have limited freshwater tanks, and doing laundry can consume a significant amount of water. When it comes to energy, those traditional dryers can be a bit much for our energy-conscious motorhome life. Power hiccups in motorhomes are no strangers to us.


Finding laundromats might feel like a scavenger hunt, especially in remote spots. Weather acting up? Inclement weather can make outdoor drying impractical, and it may not be feasible to use a ventless dryer.


And oh, the indoor drying – it might lead to some unwanted humidity and smells.


By tackling these typical hurdles, motorhome enthusiasts can simplify their laundry routine, transforming it into a more easily manageable part of their motorhome lifestyle.

Types of Motorhomes that can Have Washer and Dryer Installed

If you're thinking about putting a washer and dryer in your motorhome, it mostly boils down to the type and size of your rig. Usually, the bigger and more luxurious ones have the space and support for these handy appliances. So, if you've got a roomy Class A or a plush luxury model, chances are good you can make the laundry magic happen.


The types of motorhomes that can have washers and dryers installed are Class A Motorhomes, Luxury motorhomes, Fifth Wheel Trailers, and Toy Haulers. Some of these come equipped with washer and dryer units, and some have pre-installed hookups, making it easier to add these appliances. They also have the structural support for washer and dryer installations.


It's important to note that smaller motorhomes, camper vans, and travel trailers may not be as suitable for washer and dryer installations due to space constraints and weight considerations. Additionally, older models or budget-friendly motorhomes may not come pre-equipped or prepped for laundry appliances.

Key Factors When Installing a Washer and Dryer in A Motorhome

When considering a washer and dryer for your motorhome, think about a few key things. Check if there's enough space and consider sizes. Be mindful of weight limits, ensuring your motorhome can handle the added weight. Plumbing adjustments might be needed for water and drainage. Check if your electrical system can support washers and dryers, and get a professional electrician if needed. Good ventilation is crucial, or go for ventless options. If you're not into DIY, get professional help to avoid risks. Also, think about where to place the appliances for balanced weight while driving.


Always check your motorhome's guidelines and warranty info before installing anything. Local rules can affect adding appliances to RVs, so check with the local authorities.


If you're not sure about any part of the setup, ask a professional RV service or installation expert for help. They'll make sure everything is done safely and follows the rules.

Bonus Tips for Doing Laundry in a Motorhome

For those with smaller motorhomes who are unable to install washers and dryers, here are some tips: 


  • Smart Packing: Choose clothes that are easy to wash and quick to dry. Opt for lightweight fabrics for simpler maintenance.

  • Laundry Solutions: Consider a compact, portable washing machine, whether manual, electric, or handwashing for small loads. Use laundry bags for sorting, and go for convenient detergent options like pods or powder. Don't forget drying racks for air drying.

  • Campground Choices: Select campgrounds with laundry facilities for added convenience. Plan your route to include stops in towns or cities providing laundry services. Make use of apps to locate laundromats in the areas you visit.


In summary, dealing with laundry in a motorhome has its challenges, but it can be made easier with the right approach. Whether considering the installation of a washer and dryer or opting for alternative solutions, addressing common concerns like limited space and weight issues can transform the laundry routine into a manageable part of the motorhome lifestyle. The feasibility of installing appliances often depends on the type and size of the motorhome, with larger models offering more options. For those with smaller rigs, practical tips like smart packing and choosing campgrounds with laundry facilities can enhance the overall laundry experience on the road. By understanding the nuances and embracing suitable solutions, making laundry a smoother and more enjoyable aspect of your motorhome journey becomes achievable.

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