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What are Class B Motorhomes? - The Best RV for a Mobile Lifestyle

When the monotony of life is no longer ‘giving’ (as the Gen Z’s would say) a change in landscape and routine is exactly what you need. As a corporate millennial, it can be hard to leave the desk to enjoy a mobile lifestyle. You may begin to look at what RVs are or specifically, what are Class B motorhomes?

Here’s my experience on that: with a Class B motorhome, I get to enjoy life on the road without compromising work and life essentials. Now, what are Class B motorhomes? How can this compact vehicle give your life the glow-up that it needs?

What are Class B Motorhomes?

Compact. Versatile. Efficient. This is how I would describe a Class B motorhome. It’s like a small home inside a car that you drive every day. If you are looking for a Class B motorhome for yourself, can choose between different builds or models, depending on your preference.

What are class B motorhomes? Well, it’s a digital nomad's dream. Lastly, I love that Class B motorhomes are fuel-efficient. Again, it is like the everyday car that you drive, and so is its fuel consumption. It gives you better mileage compared with Class A or Class C motorhomes.


Things to Love About Class B Motorhomes


Now, let us discuss what I find appealing with Class B motorhomes. This may help you decide on trying out one for your next long trip. What are class B motorhomes and the good things about it?


  1. Amenities. While it’s compact, I still have a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It’s perfect if you wish to travel with your closest besties, your partner, or your beloved pets. My Class B motorhome is fully airconditioned, with WiFi, and has a lovely bed. You can have several attachments if you want. I have an awning, perfect for those days when I want to stay outside to appreciate a good weather. If you wish to get one yourself, you can customize a class B motorhome in such a way that it fits your lifestyle.

  2. Easy to Drive. I am a nervous driver, I’m not gonna lie, which is why a Class B motorhome works for me. It’s easy to fit in parking spaces. It’s not hard to maneuver as it’s like driving a regular van. I can bring it to the grocery store, to the diner of my choice, or to a park where I wish to stay for the night.

  3.  Size. Because a Class B motorhome isn’t bulky, it is easy to take it anywhere. I can explore the city, go to a beach, or an eco-park that I wish to visit. I can also go off-grid when I need my alone time. Class B motorhomes can usually accommodate 2-4 people. So, when there are days when my friends want to stay with me, I have a comfy space to offer them.


What are Class B Motorhomes?: Things to Consider


The best thing I like about class B motorhomes is that they are generally cheaper to keep and maintain compared to other types of motorhomes. And in this economy, saving a buck or two is a big deal. However, let’s face it, Class B motorhomes are not for everyone. So, here are some things to think about when checking out what are Class B motorhomes.


  1. Family Size. If you wish to travel with family, especially when you are with kids, you may want to take more time before getting a Class B motorhome. Again, Class B motorhomes only fit 2-4. As children need more space to move, long travels on a compact motorhome may be difficult. However, if you have planned it well and oriented them enough, this can work for your family.

  2. Less Storage. For me, storage is the most problematic of all when it comes to class B motorhomes. As someone who grew up in a big space, it took some time before I got used to having less storage. I have to make sure that I only bring the essentials and manage the clutter every day. I have to be extremely mindful of what I bring. It is hard, especially since I want to bring a lot of things when I travel. On the other hand, having less storage helped me become appreciative of a minimalist lifestyle, and it works!


Final Thoughts


You may be on your first steps to living a mobile lifestyle as you are checking out what are Class B motorhomes. If you are not yet sure, that’s okay. You don’t need to take the full plunge if you are not yet ready. When I started looking for motorhomes, I spent a weekend or a few days with motorhomes for rent. I tried out the different types of RVs and explored which one works for me.

Eventually, I settled down with a Class B motorhome, and I have no regrets. Doing your research and knowing what are Class B motorhomes and other types of RVs are equips you with knowledge that is necessary for a lifestyle change that you are craving.

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