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What Are The Advantages Of A Class B+ Motorhome

What's your ideal travel companion? My perfect sidekick should be reliable, easygoing, and low-maintenance. Choosing the right motorhome mirrors finding that perfect sidekick – you need to think about it and ponder on your needs before getting one.

There are different types of motorhomes - Classes A, B, and C. Each type brings its own vibes, but now, there are more options given that there are subcategories like Class B+ and Super C. Today, we're deep-diving into Class B+, the cool kids of the RV scene. Picture them as the Goldilocks option, bridging the gap between compact B and roomy C.

Join us as we spill the beans on why Class B+ motorhomes are the sweet spot for savvy RVers, combining maneuverability with spacious comfort. Let’s answer the question - what are the advantages of a Class B+ motorhome?

Different Types of RV


As I have mentioned, there are different types of RV. We have Class A, Class B, Class C. And recently, there are subclasses appearing on the market - Class B+ and Super C. Now, what is the difference between these types of motorhomes? We can differentiate them mainly through their size but there are other things like mileage, driveability, and features.


  • Class A. They are large, bus-like RVs. These motorhomes are often spacious and have elite interiors with complete amenities. However, they are challenging to maneuver, plus you need to spend a lot of money on gas.

  • Class B. Class B motorhomes are perfect for single nomads. They are compact, easy to drive, and fuel efficient.

  • Class C: These are mid-sized RVs with a distinctive cab-over section. They are roomier than Class B.

  • Class B+. It’s like a cross between Class B and Class C motorhome. The size is closer to Class C but they are supposedly easier to maneuver than Class C.

  • Super C. This one is the largest of them all but also the most expensive. It’s built on a heavy-duty truck chassis.


What Are The Advantages Of A Class B+ Motorhome: Enough Space for a Family


Now, onto the perks of Class B+ RVs. What are the advantages of a Class B+ motorhome? With ample space, it accommodates a family of 4. If you are creative with the space, you can even bring up to 8 people - max! With Class B+ RV, your children can move freely during long trips. Plus, you can still carry essential family items hassle-free.


Comfortable Beds


Class B+ provides ample space for comfortable, roomy beds. What are the advantages of a Class B+ motorhome? A good night’s sleep. Imagine the sweet dreams that you can get with that room. Accommodating up to 4 people, a Class B+ RV easily fits 2 double-decker beds. If you utilize expandable beds, you can create room for up to 8 people!


What Are The Advantages Of A Class B+ Motorhome: A Complete Bathroom


Sacrificing bathroom space poses a challenge in motorhomes due to limited room. Unfortunately, it's often the first casualty. Enter Class B+ and its capability of holding a complete bathroom. What are the advantages of a Class B+ motorhome? The Class B+ design cleverly maximizes interior layout for you to have the following:


  1. Separate shower and toilet. Class B+ motorhomes have stand-up showers separate from the toilet. Unlike Class B motorhomes, where there is a wet bathroom, where the shower and toilet are one space, the additional space on a Class B+ motorhome allows a separate shower and toilet space.

  2. Sink. You can also have a sink in your bathroom that is separate from the kitchen sink in a Class B+ RV. It’s more hygienic that way and you can separate your food and waste businesses as well.

  3. Storage. Ample storage for toiletries and bathroom materials is also possible for Class B+ motorhomes. This allows a separate and safe space for potentially corrosive bathroom essentials, away from food or clothes.


Features to Go Off-Grid

Some of the latest releases of Class B+ motorhomes are exactly designed to go off-grid. Some manufacturers equip their motorhomes with built-in solar panels, generators, and pre-installed batteries. Aside from that are off-grid essentials – solar power systems, water filtration, and optional upgrades like a personalized toilet, bed frame, or mattress. Class B+ can bring you to places where not a lot of people can go.


The Bottom Line

In the world of RVs, there is a spectrum of choices, each catering to distinct preferences and needs. The Class B+ motorhome is something to consider, especially when you have a family or a big group of friends that you want to bring on the road. What are the advantages of a Class B+ motorhome? With ample space for families, comfortable beds, and a complete bathroom, the Class B+ has a lot of advantages to offer for every motorhome enthusiast. Its off-grid capabilities are also something that adds to your options of adventure. In the pursuit of the perfect travel companion on the road, the Class B+ motorhome proves to be a savvy choice, promising a harmonious blend of convenience and exploration.



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