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What Are The Benefits Of Dual Wheels On A Motorhome

Hey there, fellow RV enthusiasts! So, let's talk about the perks of rolling with dual wheels on your motorhome. What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome? Now, I get it, RV owners are as diverse as the landscapes they roam, and we all have unique needs. But if you're here wondering about the benefits of doubling up on those wheels, you're in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits and also talk about some of the downsides you may want to factor in. Read on as we talk about duallies and their benefits.

What is a Dually?

Ah, the dually - it's like the heavyweight champion of RV and motorhome enthusiasts. So, what exactly is a dually, you ask? When an RV enthusiast says that their motorhome is a “dually,” it means it has dual rear wheels on either side. There is an additional axle where two wheels on each side of the rear ‘hug’ each other. RVs such as these are made for heavy-duty performance. It’s like a motorhome that’s beefed up. Now, what are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome?


What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome?: Stability

For me, one of the selling points that immediately comes to mind when we're talking about motorhomes with dual wheels is stability. Physics will tell you that the wider the base is, the more stable the object. And that's exactly the case with these big toys. With dual wheels on the rear axle, your motorhome gets a wider stance, which translates to enhanced stability on the road. I mean, who wouldn't want that extra peace of mind when cruising down the highway?


It's like having a solid foundation beneath you, keeping everything nice and steady as you navigate those winding roads. And let's be real here - when you're traveling with your loved ones, safety is always a top priority.


Increased Load Capacity

What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome? Dual wheels also mean increased load capacity. As a motorhome enthusiast who likes to bring along all the big and fun stuff, like kayaks, bikes, and ATVs, a dually is a game-changer for me. With those extra wheels, you can haul more gear without worrying if your RV can make it. Plus, if you have a big family that you would like to take on road trips, a dually lets you add in more beds - say one or two more, and additional amenities to keep everyone comfy. If you are one to maximize the space, you will surely have enough room for every member of your crew and all the gear they need.


Improved Traction

With improved traction from the additional wheels, moving through an uphill road in a dually RV is a breeze and worry-free. What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome? The extra friction on a dually ensures stability, even on wet or slippery roads. It adds a level of safety for all your drive. So, whatever the weather, you can confidently conquer any terrain.


What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome?: Durability and Longevity

With dual wheels on a motorhome, durability and longevity are guaranteed. The additional wheels distribute the load, reducing stress on each tire and extending its lifespan. What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome? Well, you can say goodbye to frequent tire changes. Dual wheels keep you rolling smoothly for longer, saving you time and hassle on the road.


Considerations and Potential Drawbacks

While there are a lot of perks when it comes to dual wheel motorhomes, there are also some considerations that you need to know about. Again, when it comes to motorhome, you must consider your traveling lifestyle and needs. So, what are the potential drawbacks when it comes to dually?

Higher Initial Investment

Investing in a two-wheel motorhome will cost more. You need to buy additional attachments and materials. Plus, if you are not familiar with the installation, you need to pay a mechanic to do so. So, if you are not yet ready to spend an additional $500 - $1000, this may not be for you. However, the initial investment will surely come back to you given the perks of a dual motorhome.

Maintenance Cost

More parts mean increased maintenance costs, as with all types of vehicles. You may need to add to your maintenance budget when you choose to have dual wheels on your motorhome. But for me, the extra budget is completely justified by the multitude of benefits I receive in return.



So, wrapping it up, dual wheels on my motorhome are like my secret weapon for the ultimate road trip experience. Sure, they might cost a bit more upfront, but if you are asking “What are the benefits of dual wheels on a motorhome?”, then, trust me, the peace of mind, extra space, and durability they bring are totally worth every penny. Happy travels, fellow adventurers!



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