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What Are The Best Motorhome Apps For Trip Planning

Going on a motorhome trip? I can feel your excitement! I, for one, am always the planner on trips like this. I am a firm believer that planning is key for a seamless adventure on the road. And I find apps for trip planning a lifesaver in times like this. Thank goodness for the digital age because now, there are a lot of trip-planning apps that you can access and use for your next motorhome trip. In this guide, let’s answer the question “What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning?”. We’ll dive into the ones that are on top of their game and discuss the different ways they can help you for your next trip!

Google Maps

I have a confession to make. While I consider myself a road warrior, I am really bad at directions. I have been lost a couple of times while following my intuition. And who is there to save me” Google Maps. Believe me, this app is a lifesaver. What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning? Google Maps is definitely one. If you are going on a trip, you can plan through Google Maps. Plan out where to go and what to do. Google Maps shows you a detailed map, and it helps you with turn-by-turn navigation. Plus, you can also create a customizable route through it. Google Maps also shows you nearby amenities such as restaurants, hotels, RV parks, camping sites, nature parks, and more.


What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning?: Waze

Another one on my bucket of apps is Waze. Because of its renowned community-driven features, real-time traffic updates, and use-reported hazards, it’s extremely useful while driving on the road. I find the rerouting features extremely useful, especially when there are unexpected roadblocks, constructions, checkpoints, or accidents. This app ensures a seamless journey for all motorhome travelers who seek hassle-free driving on the road.



What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning? You better check out Roadtrippers. This app is in a league of its own. Roadtrippers is a game-changer when it comes to traveling on an RV. It offers countless activities that you can try while on the road. It has a trustworthy navigation feature that can help you discover cool attractions, scenic routes, and unique stops along your journey. Plus, you can save your favorite spots and create custom itineraries tailored to your interests. With Roadtrippers, every mile of your motorhome adventure is packed with excitement and unforgettable experiences.



Here’s what’s cool: Airbnb isn't just for houses anymore! Planning a motorhome trip? Airbnb now offers places where you can park your RVs. Looking for a picturesque park? You can find it with Airbnb. You can also estimate the price that you are going to pay for a night or two. Plus, with reviews from fellow travelers and motorhome enthusiasts, you can trust that you have a reliable host. So, whether you're exploring national parks or scenic highways, Airbnb has you covered for a comfortable and memorable journey. What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning? Airbnb, for sure. You have to download it now.


What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning?: GasBuddy

Now, if you are like me who loves a good deal on gas, GasBuddy is your new best friend. GasBuddy shows you real-time gas prices and locations of gas stations. With GasBuddy, you can plan where you can fill up while on the road. You can also aim to go to the cheapest fill-ups along your route. Plus, its trip cost calculator helps budget your fuel expenses. No more worrying about where to fill up or overspending on gas with GasBuddy.



What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning? Ever heard of AllTrails? Well, you have to get this one, too. Plan your motorhome stops around epic hikes and scenic walks using AllTrails. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or you're just wishing to have a nature stroll, this app is your ticket to all the best trails in the US. Discover hidden gems and must-see spots while you are on the road with your motorhome. With AllTrails and your motorhome, you are sure to have happy trails and happy travels.


RoadSide America

For motorhome enthusiasts seeking quirky adventures without leaving the highway, RoadsideAmerica is a must-have tool. This app will lead you to attractions that you wouldn’t normally check out, oddball landmarks, and hidden gems along the US highway, and Canada. With RoadSide America, you don’t need to leave your motorhome to experience America. Plan your route with this app to experience a motorhome trip filled with curiosity and wonder.



Ready to roll? I am so excited for you! I hope I have helped you on your quest to answer the question “What are the best motorhome apps for trip planning?”. Armed with these apps on our list, you won’t get lost, you will enjoy your trip, and you are sure to save on gas money, and time. Perfect, right? So, whether you are on a quest for a scenic hike, a quaint place to stay, or quirky roadside attractions, these apps make sure that every mile on your motorhome trip is memorable.


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