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What Are The Best Motorhome-friendly Beaches

Embarking on a motorhome adventure? Imagine waking up to the sound of waves right outside your window! We're diving into the best motorhome-friendly beaches, where the beach is your backyard. From the chill vibes of Padre Island in Texas to the scenic Zandvoort Beach in the Netherlands, these spots are perfect for road-trippers. Picture designated spots for your motorhome, stunning ocean views, and facilities that make camping a breeze. It's all about the freedom of the open road and the bliss of coastal living. Join us on a journey where the beach is your playground and the road is your guide!

What Makes a Beach Motorhome-friendly

A beach that's welcoming to motorhomes usually comes packed with stuff that's just perfect for road trippers like us. Let's check out what makes a beach top-notch for motorhome adventurers:


  • Designated Camping Areas: Look for beaches with specific spots for motorhomes, complete with electrical hookups, water supply, and waste disposal options.


  • Accessibility: Ensure easy access with well-maintained roads, clear signage, and spacious parking areas designed to accommodate larger vehicles.


  • Adequate Space: Motorhome-friendly beaches should provide ample room for parking and maneuvering, preventing congestion and allowing a comfortable setup.


  • Proximity to the Shoreline: Opt for beaches where camping or parking is near the shoreline, offering motorhome travelers easy access to ocean views and the beach.


  • Facilities and Amenities: Choose beaches that provide essential amenities such as restrooms, showers, picnic areas, and even playgrounds to enhance the overall camping experience.


  • Regulations and Permits: Be aware of and adhere to any regulations regarding camping, parking, and overnight stays. Ensure you have the necessary permits for a smooth experience.


The Best Motorhome-Friendly Beaches in the US

Living the RV life means exploring all sorts of places, even sandy beaches! When we think of camping, beaches don't always pop into our heads, but guess what? There are some awesome beaches in the US where you can park your RV right by the shore. Yep, you can enjoy the sand, surf, and stunning coastal views without leaving the comfort of your motorhome. So, here are a few cool beaches around the US that are motorhome-friendly:


  • Washington

South Beach Campground opens seasonally (May to September) for dry camping. Situated in Olympic National Park, this first-come, first-serve beachfront site boasts stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Perfect for nature lovers, it offers opportunities to explore lush surroundings and wildlife.


In a similar vein, Grayland Beach State Park provides RV camping and beach access along the state's coastline.


  • Oregon

Sea and Sand RV Park is a pet-friendly spot with big-rig accommodations, offering picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean. It's perfect for beachcombing and fishing, equipped with amenities like restrooms, showers, laundry, and a convenience store. For extra entertainment, it's conveniently close to Lincoln City and Newport.


Meanwhile, Fort Stevens State Park near Astoria offers RV sites near the beach and historical attractions.


  • California

An hour from Santa Barbara, Jalama Beach County Park is a serene spot perfect for van lifers. Covering just over 23 acres, it features a store and grill, known for its windy and surf-heavy scene. Visitors enjoy amenities like picnic areas, firewood, fishing bait, and groceries. Outdoor enthusiasts can engage in activities like nature photography, fishing, surfing, whale-watching, and birdwatching.


Similarly, Silver Strand State Beach near San Diego allows RV camping right by the beach, providing scenic ocean views.

  • Texas

Along the Texas Gulf Coast, barrier islands like Galveston, Mustang, and South Padre offer great year-round RV camping. Padre Island National Seashore is famous for its extensive coastline, providing designated beachfront camping areas for motorhomes.


Similarly, Rockport Beach is popular for its motorhome-friendly facilities, featuring RV parks conveniently located near the waterfront.

  • Alabama

Gulf State Park has beachfront campsites for RVs and provides a beautiful setting for outdoor enthusiasts.


  • Florida

Florida's Gulf Coast attracts motorhome campers with its sunny beaches. Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort, between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, offers a mix of beach serenity and nearby activities. Full hookups, bathhouses, and laundry facilities provide comfort.


Anastasia State Park, near St. Augustine, is perfect for RV camping with a pristine beach, nature trails, and various activities. With over 130 campsites and water/electric hookups, it's a must-visit spot for Florida vacationers.


  • South Carolina

Ocean Lakes Family Campground in Myrtle Beach provides RV sites with convenient beach access and family-friendly amenities.


Huntington Beach State Park offers RV camping near the beach, creating opportunities for bird-watching and nature trail exploration.


  • North Carolina

The Outer Banks has several motorhome-friendly campgrounds and beaches, offering a mix of relaxation and water activities.


  • Maryland and Virginia

Famous for its wild horses, Assateague Island National Seashore allows RV camping, providing a unique coastal experience.


  • Massachusetts

Cape Cod is famous among motorhome owners for its beautiful ocean beaches and fresh seafood. The region offers a lot of RV accommodations, like a camping resort with cabins, a Thousand Trails campground, and a military RV park.



When it comes to finding motorhome-friendly beaches, there's a lot to consider – amenities, accessibility, parking, and local rules. From Washington's beautiful landscapes to the pet-friendly Sea and Sand RV Park in Oregon and the sunny shores of Florida, there's a perfect beach for every road trip.

Just a heads up, check local rules and campground policies before rolling in with your motorhome. Some places might need permits, and there could be restrictions on overnight stays. Plus, things can change, so it's smart to double-check the info before you hit the road.

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