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What Are The Common Sizes Of Motorhomes

Have you ever seen those big, fancy motorhomes? They're like rolling apartments or tiny houses with all the cool stuff you can imagine. Some bad boys can outsize even the biggest 5th-wheel RVs and diesel pushers. And get this – motorhomes come in all sizes, from massive and luxurious to cute and minimalist. It's like choosing your own adventure! Depending on what you're into and where you want to roll, you can pick from different RV classes- A, B, C, and even B+. Each has its own perks and downsides, so let's break it down and find the perfect motorhome vibe for your travels.

Average Size of Motorhomes

Motorhomes cater to diverse needs and preferences, with sizes grouped into classes determined by length and features. Now, you might wonder about the average dimensions of RVs – length, width, and height. Well, it all boils down to the class. The average size varies based on whether it's a Class A, B, or C motorhome. On average, here are the sizes of motorhomes:

            Class A: runs around 33 feet long and 13.5 feet high;

            Class B: typically measures around 20 feet in length and 8 feet in height

Class C: measures 28 feet long and 10 feet high.


Here's a fun fact: all RVs stay under 8.5 feet wide, keeping in line with the interstate limit. In Hawaii, the legal width limit is 9 feet. The addition of slide-outs can increase the width of a motorhome to up to 14.5 feet. So, if you're thinking about hitting the open road, understanding the average dimensions based on the class will guide you to the perfect motorhome fit.


Common Sizes of Motorhomes: Class A

Class A Motorhomes, the behemoths of the RV world, are like rolling mansions on wheels. When it comes to size, we're talking lengths that often stretch between 25 to a whopping 45 feet or even more.


These road kings are not just about size; they're about living large. Inside, you'll find a universe of amenities, from full kitchens that would make a chef jealous to bathrooms that rival those in upscale hotels. Spacious living areas provide the comfort of home, making Class A Motorhomes the epitome of opulence for those who want to take their living space wherever the road leads.


Common Sizes of Motorhomes: Class B

Class B Motorhomes embody agile charm on the open road, offering a compact alternative to their larger counterparts. Ranging from 17 to 23 feet, these campervans are perfect for maneuverability and adventure.


Built on a van chassis, Class B Motorhomes cleverly utilize their cozy size. They deliver on essentials with a compact kitchen and a bathroom maximizing space. Ideal for those valuing flexibility and efficiency without sacrificing key amenities, Class B Motorhomes are the ultimate choice for the on-the-go adventurer.


Common Sizes of Motorhomes: Class C

Class C Motorhomes, the versatile middle-ground of RVs, balance size and maneuverability, spanning 20 to 32 feet. Notable for their over-the-cab sleeping area, these motorhomes maximize space and provide a unique sleeping experience.


Ideal for those seeking room to roam without sacrificing maneuverability, Class C motorhomes offer essential amenities. From kitchens primed for culinary adventures to bathrooms for comfort on the go, they strike a chord with RV enthusiasts. It's the sweet spot where practicality meets comfort, appealing to those who value a well-rounded motorhome experience.


Common Sizes of Motorhomes: Class B+

Class B+ motorhomes strike a balance between Class B and Class C. They offer a substantial upgrade in both space and luxury, providing just the right fit for those seeking more than a Class B but less than a Class C.


In a Class B+, you might enjoy a stand-up shower/bath combo, an upgrade from Class B wet baths. These motorhomes often boast more room in essentials like kitchens and living areas. Plus, the sleeping quarters can be spacious, offering a cozy retreat based on your customizations. It's the perfect blend of size and luxury for RV adventurers aiming for that sweet spot on the road.



Motorhomes offer a diverse range of options for every traveler. From the opulent Class A Motorhomes, resembling rolling mansions, to the nimble and compact Class B campervans, there's a perfect fit for every adventurer. Understanding the average sizes based on classes, with Class A reaching 45 feet, Class B staying compact between 17 to 23 feet, and Class C finding a middle ground at 20 to 32 feet, allows you to tailor your choice. Whether you're drawn to the opulence of Class A, the agility of Class B, the versatile practicality of Class C, or the balanced luxury of Class B+, each class has its unique perks for unforgettable road adventures.

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